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I forgot to include a few things on my last video... I remembered them during the editing, but still forgot to add them.  I explain my mind racing a little better - I think, but I also remembered the shout out that I wanted to do.  I did this quickly - 1 take... so that I didn't forget again.

Here is the link to the Dalhousie group that I encourage all my Halifax friends, family etc to check out.

From thier "about" section  - Bladder cancer is currently the fifth most common cancer in Canada but has very little awareness and reasearch funding compared to other major cancers. We would like to change that. Our student-led society will partner with Bladder Cancer Canada (BCC), a national organization, so that together we raise awareness about this little known disease, organize events to strengthen and support the local bladder cancer patient community, and fundraize for BCC and research in the Halifax area.

So, how can I not encourage the younger generation from putting some effort forward.

oh - and for people on twitter - here is mine @RATruscott


  1. 1- mom says don't drive and video
    2- nice hair cut :)
    And squirrel runs in the family :)


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