Motocyclene Therapy

I was reading another Bladder Cancer blog and came across a post that I thought was pretty good.... outside of the Cancer, we have riding in common.

motocyclene therapy

I have mentioned before that my mental spirit, and focus is not where I want it to be... so, I am hoping to adopt this as a philosophy - "a common term to describe the endorphin effect that occurs when riding for a while.  Others call it "clearing the cobwebs out of the brain" or other metaphors, but the term Motorcyclene Therapy is one that both resonates and works".   I have used riding as my fresh air through the brain for a number of years, and as mentioned before, the first place we visited after leaving the doctor office when being told "You have Cancer" was to Cycleworks Edmonton.  This was what sealed my decision to purchase a new ride as a Cancer present to me.

One of the highlights that Steve tries to quantify in his blog is how riding causes you to adjust mental focus, clearing your mind of the things that would cause irrelevant distractions.  These are all necessary components of a safe ride.  Situational awareness is important when riding, and a distracted brain is not something you want.  So, a ride makes a point of making me not think about the many things that are going on right now, and focus on what is immediately around me.

Some people actually have told me that they like the full face helmets as it pinpoints the focus needed, and represents putting on the blinders to distractions.  I can't say for sure - I don't wear a full face helmet - not that I am one of those riders that pounds on the drum about "wind in my face is the only true way to ride" or other such rhetoric that sometimes enters debates when people get together and chat about riding philosphies. I do own one, just don't wear it often - because it is very uncomfortable on my oddball shaped head.

One of the challenges with Bladder Cancer, that I have also noted in other patients blogs and chats, is that it is a long process, but not one that is simply mapped out.  Patients rarely know what is happening next month - barely a week sometimes it seems, and you never know more than one event into the future.  This plays havoc trying to schedule any visits away or for people coming to visit.

But, back to motorcycles.... I mentioned before that I want to do some longer rides this summer - my first ride will likely take place in July to make sure I can handle the second ride at the end of August.  My better half is a little nervous about me getting out of site for too long, so I have been working on ideas to try and make her feel better about my safety.  One of the ideas is a SPOT beacon.  This way I can ensure she can see when I am on the road, what I am up to, where I am and even get periodic checkins, even without cell phone coverage.

My other idea is to plan so that I can ride with others.  Either by arranging with friends, family and riding groups, there are always people going the same way, same day.  Try to find someone that is able to ride together for portions of the trip.

If anyone has ideas about how to ease people minds when someone goes on a long motorcycle ride, I would love to hear them....

Either way, I plan on trying to fill this precription as much as possible in the near future.