Things that make you think...

So, I mentioned that I try to keep myself busy by volunteering.  I helped produce a poker run that raised a few thousand dollars for a couple of charities that support PTSD etc.  Check out Kate at The Long Way Home

I am also an organizer for the Cruise with a Cause - most already know that... big things coming there, but I am not going to say anything here yet.   I have been following a bunch of events, partially due to a motorcycle connection, partially due to me watching a million youtube videos..... what I really want to know - is how to get this job?.. check out  Worlds Longest Demo ride

I am still not doing great with videos, but I am learning some tips and tricks... but I still need to dedicate about 4 tries to sit and get something I can work with.  My next big task - figure out a custom thumbnail....

As mentioned in the video..Revving up for Kids with Cancer these guys are pretty cool, and make ooodles of $$ for kids with cancer.  Although the true strength is with the kids - blows my mind.

Here is a link to the movie I mentioned - starring Joshua Jackson about a guy, Cancer and a motorcycle road trip (little farsical with the 2 days TO to the west coast, and where the worlds largest hockey stick is... but good) One week, available on youtube and itunes .

And not to leave out the young lady that got me thinking... Ash and I can just here her mother saying - "why would you make Rob think?... what were you thinking?".... kinda like that part in the movie Lion King 2 1/2 where Timon's mom is talking to Rafeeky.

Although feeling kinda sad that a 16 year old has more twitter followers than I do...

Anyway, enough for now - I want to figure out the easier way to make more posts, more often so that this doesn't become just a monthly thing.  Be sure to check out this blogs facebook page .....trying to drum up some interest feel free to share this stuff -


  1. Hey Rob you are wonderful!! Cancer does suck. It is good to have someone out there that will share your thoughts. Love you.


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