Time for a trip

So, without having any scheduled appointments for a few weeks, I am taking the opportunity to head out to BC.  I have about 10-12 days worth of time to spend.  It should be good.

One of the things that I have planned to do in order to help keep Mrs, and Mama Bear happier about my long distance riding trip, is to make it so that they will know where I am, to within about 10 minutes.  I bought myself a tracking beacon - and I will carry it.  I tested it, and it even works in my pocket.

Bring on the jokes about electronic leashes now - I can take it.  The reality is - this was my idea.

Follow me  on my trip to BC
I have tested it, and it works pretty good.  Some of the other features that it has is the 2 message options.  I can send a check in message to a list of people, and I can make another message that I could send to another list of people.  It is short messages, like shorter that tweet short, so not much gets said.  I think that I will use one for "stopping for a break, all is good" and the other to "stopping for the night, all is good".

When people get these message from me, they need to understand how far these messages travelled.. not just provinces away, but these messages went to frikkin' outer space man.  Then back again.  This message was destined for you and went thousands of miles to get there.  The funny thing, is that the reality is that it goes to space, then down to a ground station somewhere in another country, then text'd or emailed to you by some nice company that loves telling everyone, where someone else is...

Anyway, I hope to visit people in the Fraser Valley, Okanogan and all over the interior... I have lots of time, so I look forward to seeing a bunch of people... anyone wanting to see me, drop a line.  I am looking forward to Garry coming off Vancouver Island, and crossing paths with Anson from Yellowknife for part of his return leg home

A big part of this ride, is to get ready for the CwaC.  Most of all to make sure that I can ride for a number of days, go different places - without completely draining my body of energy.  Energy management is still a challenge for me - I won't deny it.

The CwaC is going to be a 2,000+ km ride, over 6 days through BC and Alberta, so I need to be able to do 400-500 kms a day.  I think that should be pretty easy... I did a test ride last weekend of 475 without negative impact (if you happen to go to the "Follow Me" link before the 18th of July - the track might still be there).  I intend to do another post just about the CwaC when we get closer into August, and all things are confirmed enough that I can tell you what is going to happen with some certainty.

It is a little bit entertaining taking my experience as a Military planner and working with a group that is very non-military.  They are not anti-military by any stretch of the imagination, they just don't think in the same planning process that I do.  They see things as shades of grey, with some sunshine and lollipops.  My military brain is - go here, here and here, do this.  Don't go there, there or there, and don't do this - any questions?  It is very fun for me, as I need to realize that this is the real world on the outside.  It is something I need to become accustomed to if I ever do need to grow up and get a real job.

But more about that stuff later, the CwaC will be an epic ride through the backroads of BC and some of Albertas flatlands.... but the foothills will be fun.  But with some of the characters involved... it can't help but be a good time.

I can't dance like that....either.....
and how does that song go... "sunshine lollipops and rainbows......"