More riding therapy

Hello all,

It has been a busy summer, and I have managed to get my recommended doses of motocyclene.  I have attended a number of charity rides and events, and I think that it is theraputic for me.

I am getting ready to head off on the Cruise with Cause tonight, the first event is tomorrow(saturday Aug 28).  Please check out the website HERE, and the Facebook page OVER HERE.

I have amassed a large number of photos, and video that I am working on putting together, as I know I need to put out another video..... soon.

I have already told you a bit about the Wheels for our Wounded Poker run back at the end of May, but also want to tell you about my experiences attending:
The National Military Police Motorcycle Relay Ride - Alberta portion
The Annual Erin Doyle Memorial ride - Legal, AB
Nisku Bike Nights - poker runs for various charities.

and rides I am going to take part in:
K97s Music Therapy Ride for Stollery Childrens Hospital

All these events have kept me busy over the summer, and even though I was always a volunteer in the past, helping, or even just attending to support these volunteer run events is quite rewarding.

Tons of funds have been raised for a number of charities - for example:  The Cold Lake portion of the MP ride, was over $22k, the Edmonton portion (I heard) was over $15k, the Erin Doyle ride was over  $19k, Nisku bike nights raises over 500 bucks per tuesday night for a number of charities.

I flew to Ottawa for the funeral of my good friend, and mentor (Brian- see last post), who lost his battle with Cancer.  It was quite an event, and you can tell through it all that he had his hand in organizing the details of his own funeral.  Events such as his funeral, re-inforce to me the need to be supportive of volunteer run fundraisers, and so in early Sept, I will probably dedicate a post just to an event that I am helping run - and it is the Bladder Cancer Edmonton Awareness Walk.

Check out that Facebook page HERE, or even support events in your own community such as the HALIFAX walk... either way, I would love to point your attention to the Bladder Cancer Canada WEBSITE .

Ride safe, talk again soon.