Rest in Peace Brian.

I was looking at a number of items that I haven't completed... I have 4 blog posts in draft format, dating back to mid June.  I have hours of video, mostly unedited, quite a bit not yet viewed, and still a full memory card in the camera - not downloaded.

I was feeling sorry for myself when the email came in.  A very good friend and mentor had passed after a brief, but vigorous, battle with cancer.  I reflected upon the past, and poured a rum and coke in his honour.

After my diagnosis and move to Edmonton last year, Brian was one of the few people from my past that I didn't already have communications with, that had reached out to me, offering their support and words of encouragement.

Brian always had an interesting way with words.  I remember walking into his office leave pass in hand to change the leave pass already processed, with the "need to change my leave next week, it turns out I am getting married" story. Of course he replied with a witty remark, commenting on how I didn't know in advance, and to my future married life if I can't even plan a wedding.  Brian and I work together on the Maritime Helicopter Crew Commander (MHCC) course for many years, and that is where I think I learned the most from him.

Although I have known a number of people in my past that have lost the battle with Cancer, this is the first since my own diagnosis.  I think that is adjusting my perspective about it a little more than normal.  It also means that I am a lot more knowledgeable about the treatments he received, the process and the discussions that were likely held.  It almost makes it more personal in a scary way.  I am still not sure how I feel or what to think.

Cancer sucks.  Rest in Peace Brian.