So, the day of the Cystoscopy came and went… before I share the results, here is a comedic take on the procedure from Mike Birbiglia.

I didn’t get a muffin.

As my procedure had been 2 months later than expected, and I only got 1/3 dose of BCG last go-round, I didn’t have high expectations for the results of the cystoscopy.  It has been on my mind pretty big for the last week.

With todays snowstorm supposed to come later in the day, I was glad for an early appointment.  Sometimes the Doc gets behind later in the day.  But, as this wasn’t my first rodeo, I didn’t need to have 15 minutes of explanations, questions or confusion while the 2 staff try to corral all the people and their escorts in a small waiting room with a number of wheelchairs, canes and walkers tripping everyone up.

The other factor that speeds things up, is that my Doc also covers the details of what would normally be discussed in an office call.  This helps move things along overall.  Last BCG was when, have you been given a schedule of more, how did they go etc etc.  He doesn’t need to explain what he is doing, and we can just get on with business.

If at this point, you still aren’t 100% sure what a cystoscopy is – listen to the video…. while listening to it(it’s an audio only YouTube), scroll to the bottom of the page and sign up for my subscription service – it only emails you when I post something on the blog roll of the webpage.  It’s not that many, I will be under 30 posts for the year… so, completely no spam.

If you are just rejoining after listening to the video, I had a treatment with a fishing pole today.  Overall the Doctor was happy.  Now, he did do something new today on the spot where there was something he didn’t like, but this little “weld job” he called it, prevents me from having to go through a full surgery.  I am pretty happy about that…. the time after surgeries, is not a happy time for me.

I get to go right away into BCG again… 3 more treatments, scheduled for 4, 11, and 18 December.  Recover until February then start again.  The other good news, is that it should be full dosage as they announced that the South Carolina factory has finally been approved to ramp production up with full throttle.

So, if you can imagine me doing a happy dance, imagine away.


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