April 1, 2016 update - living with Cancer

Living with Cancer

Nothing special – just an update of how things have been going overall.  Going to simple, I want to start posting general updates on the 1st of the month, with a more simplistic format – most likely, just like this.

Cancer update:
Surgery number 5 was just over a week ago, recovery has been a little slower than I hoped, glad that I have been just taking it easy.
Later in April we meet with the Doc to discuss the pathology of the Cancer and compare with last years pathology reports.  I am kinda looking forward to that as it should help us have a look at the growth rate, aggressiveness etc, and help make a bit of a prediction of the future (I hope – but not holding my breath).
Trying to decide if I need a party to celebrate my Cancer journey entering the “terrible 2s”?  2nd Cancerversary is approaching… who would come to that party?

My weight is now solidly(and maintaining) in the 270s.  Now that I have better control of my weight loss efforts, I am going to be a bit more careful and more cautious in my path to approach the 260s.  Once I am in the 260s, I will be working more deliberately on a fitness program.  The biggest lesson that I have taken from all this – I can do almost anything, I just need to be careful and specific about what I am doing, why I am doing it, then monitoring the results, and reactions.  If people aren’t sure why I talk like this – it was a newsletter discussion point a while back.
I have learned quite a bit about how my body is reacting to various things – knowledge is power.

I am planning to update the welcome video within the next week, which I want to do quarterly (4 times a year).
If you signed up to get my newsletter (thank you to the 11 people who do), you will have heard about stuff that is going to turn into something big and different that I will be launching this month.  It is a project that will run in parallel with this blog, but not become a big part of this blog.  I will mention it in the video.
Those that watch the website – not sure anyone does – you many have noticed a slight re-arrangement of the deck chairs… that has everything to do with it.
For the graphically inclined among the readers – I am trying to come up with a logo for my blog, but I have no artistic talent (barely draw a straight line with a ruler), so – if you have some thoughts – let me know.  When I decide on a logo – it could become a graphic on my motorcycle, a tattoo, or even shirts/stickers/patches etc.
I want to get more consistent with my posts – but I will be inconsistent until then.  My goals – General update at the beginning(week 1) of the month, Charity event spotlight in the middle(week 3), and 2 posts about relevant items in my life in between(weeks 2 and 4) – but I will try to mention all that in the new welcome video.  I will keep the mental health items in the bi-weekly newsletter – sign up HEREVictory-2BRx1

Charity events:
I am going to keep the charity spotlight going, and talking about different events. I have gotten good feedback on the 2 that I have done, and in a couple of weeks, I am going to talk about the April event that I want to attend.  I will also put out a blog post about Cancer charities – mostly because the April event I want to attend is Cancer related.

Motorcycle events:
Ride planning for some of my bigger endeavors is going great.  I really hope to be able to pull off the rides that I have in the works this year.  It will be a great time.
I am hearing that Edmonton ride nights will be starting in May, so I am looking forward to that.


Thanks again for joining me on this journey.  Please share to those that you think would enjoy this ride along – even I don’t know where we are going, and as a professional Navigator – that is a tough path.