Oct 2017 - big update

Well, it has been awhile.
I shouldn’t disappear for so long.
So much to catch everyone up on.

Ok, but first – a short video


In this video, I quickly reflect on my earlier in the year comment that the blog would be about cancer stuff.  Well, that was a bad idea.  Other than wash, rinse, repeat – there hasn’t been anything to talk about.
So I need to make the blog about the journey.
Why I am doing things, why I have adjusted my priorities, what am I doing etc.

Here is the meat of my updates:
Cancer shit –
As you know, I had 3 more BCG in June/July which brings my total to 24.
I had Cystoscopy on 1 Sept.  It went really well, Doctor is very happy.
The annual Bladder Cancer fundraising walk happened on Sept 23rd – check out that webpage – HERE  You can still donate if you want to help Team Truscott get out of 5th place in the team fundraising goals.

I have another nuclear imaging appointment Oct 5th, and already have my next Cysto date for Dec, and the next 3 BCG dates for January already – it is almost as though I can plan my life for a little while now.

My overall health update:
I have been mis-behaving a little bit.  In 2016, I was very cautious about not doing things to prevent excessive exhaustion… I felt that I missed out on a lot of things.  2017 was more about doing things and being more active.
This has caused huge weight fluctuations, but nothing extreme.  All within a 20 pound range.

In some of the other events I have been involved in, I continue to meet some inspirational people.
For example – in 2016, I met a lady who had lost a leg in a motorcycle accident – she was passing through Edmonton with her friends to ride to Yellowknife (check old blog pasts for last June/July to find that).  A couple of weeks ago, I met another lady who has suffered the same fate.  At the One Broken Biker poker run, I met Barb.  She sat next to me for a while as I was the final card stop on the fundraising ride.  She also has a blog – Being UnlimBited I highly encourage giving it a follow.
As I meet more people who inspire me as they have faced their unknown futures, I reflect more upon my own unknown future.
That is why the blog posts will become more random again – I want to talk more about how the unknown future can play havoc with your thoughts.  It might become more rambling – but hey – its my blog, right.

I consider the journey to be the adventure – less that the destination.

Motorcycle rides:
I exceeded last years mileage – by quite a bit.. close to 15, 000 kms ridden this year.
I participated in a big charity ride The Rolling Barrage and it was an absolute blast.  I am really looking forward to next years ride.  I am a large part of the planning, and very excited about it.

Military stuff – still in uniform, awaiting disposition.

YouTube videos – I have been doing bunch of cooking videos, and my dabbling with leather crafts and paracord has been enjoyable.  More videos to come, and some blog posts about the crafts ( check out my page on paracord )  I have so many things to add to it.

I will end this post here, just to tell everyone – thanks for reading this far, and I will be more active in the very near future.
please share all the channels that you can find this on.