January 2018

So, normally a new year starts off with the “new year, new me” kinda BS, rolling into the procrastination of “next years gonna be great”.
I won’t bother with that, not in the mood for failing to meet objectives.
I should probably start with – there won’t be a video update right now – fighting a bit of a cold, so I will post in on my personal YouTube channel when I do complete it.  Not sure I want everyone to see my coughing and hacking talk.  So, give that a subscribe to be notified when it gets uploaded.

General Cancer update:
You already are aware from last month about the Cysto plan, so no changes there.
BCG 25-27 are scheduled for this month.  This is the final 3 of the current treatment plan – no further BCG treatments are scheduled or planned.  I will be chatting with my Doc later this spring to learn more about the “whats next” part of my life.  I have some ideas, but nothing is verified.
They don’t make the purple books (seen in the featured image) anymore.  It is good for notes on 12 treatments, so when I tried to get another book when I was in for number 24 – I was informed that it had stopped.  I guess in reality, there aren’t many notes to keep at this point – reactions are usually expected, and I think I have seen everything.
Lets call that a sign of coming to the end of the large amount of control this has on my world – I hope.

Philosophical update.
So, its 2018 – where do I see my life and world going this year?
I want to keep the blog rolling – cancer updates will unfortunately be less and less – as there will be less to report, until I can reach back into my draft post archives and give you all the military process stuff.  I still don’t know what the military is going to do with me.  Reality – not always a bad thing – if I don’t know what the end result of my journey is, how can I expect them to make decisions upon it as well.
We will just keep rolling along.

I will be adding more randomness to the blog posts, opinions, thoughts, and potential “how to rebuild my life” posts.  Some will annoy people (I have one in mind that will frustrate many – it just might be a Facebook post on my timeline though), and not everyone will be interested by all of them.  At first, I thought I needed to stay away from non-cancer topics – but then thought – “nope. my blog, my rules.”

I have approached the time in my military career that I have earned another weeks holidays.  So, I need to do more vacation planning.
With a grandbaby on the way, many of those bigger trip plans will be flying to Halifax so that “Gramma” gets her time in the process.

Moving forward, next month I enter a new phase of my journey (I think), and it becomes the most vague.  With a 60-80% recurrence rate, the question usually becomes – how long will the treatments effectiveness last?  when will it wear off? That is what is mostly on my mind about treatment these days.

I will save those details for the February update.
Thanks for following along on the journey, please be sure to let me know if you have topics or questions that I should include in my writings.