April 2018 update

I was intentionally not posting this on 1 April, so that it doesn’t get taken as an April fools gag, but I achieved a major milestone in the last month…. more about that later.

Updates –
Now that I have energy for 4 ish days a week, I have started to really look forward to spring – and the riding season.  I have chipped all the ice from the driveway and street, so that when temperatures rise – I am ready.  The fresh air does great, but the cold snap that we are still in (-21 C this morning) makes it really annoying for April.

My opinion piece blogs are receiving good reviews, so I continue to work on them.  My April 15th post is more about some societal theories vs highlighting complaints like the last posts was.  But, my work on them has developed the 4th installment, which is going to be quite a departure from the normals.

During March/April, Bladder Cancer Canada gets ready for our May Awareness month.  We have some interesting things coming forward, so keep an eye out for them.

I have told you before (that post is here) about the sunglasses that Colin purchased, hoping to sell as a fundraiser.  I will be making a big push to start selling them online shortly. I was trying to set up an online e-commerce platform, but I think I will just use old-fashioned email.  It just seems easier this way. I just need to work out the shipping and handling details/costs etc.  So, that will be coming soon.
The glasses will be 10 bucks per pair, plus shipping and handling(cost of the bubble mailer), payable by e-transfer is my plan – ask around and put in a bulk order with your friends would be awesome.

OK – now for my big achievement.
As of the 4th week of March, I completed my 28th year of service in the Canadian Armed Forces.  I was enrolled 22 March 1990 in Kamloops BC.
As a reward for this length time, I receive an extra 5 days of leave per leave year, now totalling 30 days per fiscal year.  The funny part, was being awarded the 5 extra days in late March, and having less than a week to use them up before the end of fiscal year – so I had to go on vacation right away.

Coming up:
I have an appointment with my Oncologist to discuss a few things about the way forward.  Now with my 3.5 year long program of treatments done, I need a better understanding of what is coming next – as I will need that information to start planning the rest of my life – as well as some key military decisions will possibly be impacted.

Starting to plan vacations, time off and the summer ride plans.  There are a large number of charity rides that I want to participate in, and I will tell you about them eventually.  The ride planning and calendar guessing is actually a little bit fun, looking at the possibilities, even knowing that more than half my ideas won’t work out.

I won’t do a video update this quarter – just because there isn’t that much to talk about.  I have some ideas for more video content, and we shall see how those work out.  My record of success with some of my more outlandish ideas is not very good.

Anyway, just a short update.
Thanks for following along on this journey, I still am not sure where it will end up either.

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