May 2018 update

April seems to be a time for reflection it seems.
4 years ago, my flight surgeon was chasing some weird readings in my normal medical exam…. little did we know….

That train of thought started the referrals to Alberta Institute of Urology – from Yellowknife.
I flew down for a consult – ended up in hospital for 6 days.

Here we are 4 years later, now closing a chapter of treatments, and surgeries.  Hopefully just being monitored now for the rest of my life (my new normal).

Now that I am into a new chapter, the pages are still blank.  May will be an interesting month for me – my cancerversary is coming, a trip to Halifax to visit, and I will try to plan out my summer.  There are many places I want to go this year, now that I am not going to be laid up for 6 weeks due to treatments.

My challenge will be energy, and how much I can push myself.  I have some visits and events scheduled as tests, the trip to Halifax will test me over consecutive days.  This will be my first real indication of how long I can run amok without depleting myself.

I am going to stop making these monthly updates – I just don’t have enough activity in my life to justify it.  If things work out moving forward, I will post updates about specific topics, events, or milestones – but keep it as an update on a topic, not just a generic update on everything when the reality is that nothing is really happening.
I am still writing down all the things that are happening in my military world, and it is very busy there – but I won’t post that information until much later.
Short, simple update about things in uniform these day – much paperwork, appointments, discussions, and options.  These topics have the greatest impact on what might happen with my future.

I still don’t know what I want to do when I grow up, and get out of uniform.  Not surprisingly, making some of those decisions is a big part of sorting out things in the future.  I have spent the last number of years trying to keep as many doors open and options available, that I have avoided making decisions.  In the coming months, key decisions will be made that direct the big picture structure of what my future will end up looking like.
Not sure I want to make some of these decisions, but I will.

I am still going to continue my once a month posts that are purely off topic opinions.  I enjoy writing them, and I am finding it fun to dive into rabbit holes of thoughts that I have had.  The research, reading, and listening to podcasts on some topics is quite enjoyable for me – helps pass the time, and I enjoy finding common connections between different authors/speakers.
I am not sure if a Cancer blog is the best place for these opinions, but I think that once I get some of the decisions that will shape my future made, I will be in a better place to figure out how and where to place them – maybe another website, or I record them as videos and post them on YouTube etc.  Dunno yet – will figure something out.

thanks for following along this far.
If you have opinions on content, suggestions, or thoughts – I would really enjoy the feedback.