Really big changes,
I’m talking Y’HUGE changes.
Life altering even.

I have a short video here that talks about something new – its short, you can watch it if you want.  More details in video, with a full blown video update coming on my other YouTube channel eventually.  But most of the details are typed below.

How did we get there from here?

Things have been really busy since May.
Military process for a person in my situation is that I get a letter of intent, and a disclosure package.  The disclosure package is the information that informs me of “why”, the intentions are what they are.

So, my situation is pretty straightforward I think.  I was informed of the intent to medically release me from the Forces.  That wasn’t a surprise.  Rewind about 4 years, I would have bet beer on this outcome.

When one receives the disclosure package, they have 3 weeks (15 working days) to respond.  That response is called your representation.  This is where you can present information that may have not been included, changes in circumstances that they may not have been aware of, or request a period of retention.

I asked for a period of retention prior to medical release, and sent the paperwork off to Ottawa.  I had made some calls to confirm that a few places knew I was interested, as the Career shop in Ottawa would be asked if I could be of benefit to the community.

Fast forward a few weeks, and I get an answer.
I got told my retirement date – 4th of June, 2021.

Shortly thereafter, I received my posting message to 12 WING SHEARWATER, in Nova Scotia.
As with all military moves, within 24 hours of receiving the posting message, I was 2 months behind in my paperwork.

This means that we are moving.
Overall, it’s a good thing.

Key to much of this is the mental perception.
I was moved to Edmonton because I was diagnosed in Yellowknife, a location without a support base for my care.  Moving from Edmonton allows me to “close the book” on this chapter of my life, which concentrated on surgery a few times, 27 treatments, and more scopes, scans, and prods than I counted.

There are side benefits – as mentioned in the short video, I will go to a place where there are more corners to ride on a motorcycle, and thusly be able to get more use from the expense of tires.
Biggest benefit is the future grandchild (at time of typing this, has yet to make an entrance) will be nearby.
Most importantly – I now know when my military career will come to a close, so I can plan accordingly.

Thanks for following along this far.
I know that my posts have been inconsistent, but that will continue to be how things go for me for a little while.

I will make a specific post about the care and attention that I have put into managing my medical care later this summer.  It was the most important factor in sorting out the ability, and capacity to move at all.  Staying in Alberta was an option, and was a likely result.

Big ticket items coming up is the move to Nova Scotia – feel free to follow my YouTube and Twitter as I will update them the most as I go.