2019, some new starts

Happy New Year.
2019 has started, and among all the new year, new me posts, there are some jems – did you check out my year end post?

One of the biggest changes for me – is that I am going back to school. Nothing dramatic – just a single business course at a local community college.
I have been concerned with my ability to focus in the last couple years. I find my mind wanders off more and more. It has impacted my ability to read, which was something I really enjoyed doing. A big part of this course will be for me to get back into a ready/study/participating groove.
When I am medically released in 2021, I will have many education programs to re-integrate me into the civilian workforce, so these courses will benefit me in many ways.

Something you have seen me comment about before is the “focus” of this site. I have bounced back and forth on and off topic posts, and my own desire of what I want this website to be about.
I have occasionally had the thought of “my blog, my rules”, but then I realized the point of the website was for people to follow as I rebuild my life and eventually grow up and get a real job. The challenges, trials, and tribulations of what speedbumps I have found. Well, I am going to make the cancer blog site about exactly that – specific to my cancer journey.

I have designed (theoretically at least) a solution for how I will manage the other ideas, and the inspiration to do it came from something I tried in the past on this site –maybe using Mailchimp newsletter software, some YouTube, and maybe (still undecided) some more Facebook pages.

One of the things I want to do is share the many years of lessons, tips, and tricks that I have discovered, and am still finding about organizing events.
I have been able to help a number of groups and people build successful events, and I am still involved in a number of growing events, and in the future I have many ideas about events that I will build. I am also actively reading many short blogs, watching videos, about the lessons others have learned about organizing various events in the not-for-profit/charitable arena.


The second area that I am finding some enjoyment writing is in the “Personal/Professional development” space. 

This will be considered quite counter-inuitive for many people that know me. I spent much of my career avoiding professional development, and was quite set in my ways.

Well, times have changes. I have learned many things. I have learned things that I have done wrong, I have found things that I have done right. But most of all, I have also started really pushing the boundaries in my quest to rebuild. Short blog posts, podcasts and a few other substantial influences have helped me see many things in a different light. I will share with you the sources of my inspiration, and that should help people see changes in mindset and focus.
The biggest thing is that my change in perspective can be explained to the benefit of more people.

Those are the 3 big things that I will be adding to my world in January of 2019. I will be removing the monthly update posts, and post updates when things change. One of the great things is that there is alot of information available online about these topics. I will boil them down to the things I find enlightening, and hope you do too.

I hope that you have the opportunity to follow along as I go.
As always, thanks for making it this far. If it actually was of benefit to you, please share with others.