POST 100 - its a milestone

rob and grandson

When I started blogging, I asked a couple other bloggers some questions. One of the answers I received, was that I needed to commit to complete 100 posts, before really saying that I knew where I wanted to go as a blogger.

Well now I think I know what I want to do next. 
Not that this magical post has suddenly given me insight, it means I now have enough data to make decisions, and can assess the results of previous actions.

I talked about this a little bit in January update.  Of course, life doesn’t always happen as people expect and my world has completely gone a different path since 2019 started.

General  updates
Work – They put me in charge of a large group for awhile.  It is challenging as I have discovered that I am not back to 100%, and my ability to work efficiently isn’t as good as it used to be.  This results in me working harder than I feel I should, in order to achieve the impact that is desired. This helps me re-train my brain towards task prioritization, in addition to managing workload/stress back in an office environment.
It is entertaining to me, now that I am also looking at the tasks and workload through a new perspective.

Play – I have managed a few motorcycle rides this year, with 2 notable events .  One was a Cabot Trail weekend with some great friends, and the other was over to PEI and NB on The Rolling Barrage. Videos will be made eventually, and a post about the 2019 “one week” will follow.

Cancer – not much has happened.  I have been kept on the 6 months between cystoscopys timeline now, and I don’t see or hear from my oncologist in between.  The timings of the support group meetings are such that I never seem to be around.  My next scope should be in a couple months. It is taking getting used to.
The 2019 Bladder Cancer walk is happening (hopefully I get this uploaded before the Sept 22nd walk) Please consider donating.

Online/website updates
Biggest things that I didn’t get to was the planned website overhaul – I am still undecided how I will manage it, but I still have much learning to do in order to achieve the desired results. I have developed options and ideas how to still start some of the ideas, without spending the money on the website and being unsure of what I want to make things look like.
The biggest challenge is making sure I know how I want my website to flow, so that it all makes sense. Much of it seems to make sense in my brain, I am having challenges articulating it into real action.

So – What does this mean for my various components?

Cancer Sucks Chronicles – the main website
It will remain my sharing of the cancer journey.  The actual updates and items will become less frequent as I am up to 6 months scopes during this phase.  The 80% recurrence rate has my oncologist convinced that it isn’t a matter of “If” I get a recurrence; it is a matter of “when” I have a recurrence.  I have every intention of proving him wrong – I am stubborn that way (it’s a good trait sometimes).
I will use this to talk more about the transition program that I am taking. I will highlight benefits and expectations of the military medical release. I will also talk about my thought processes as I “grow up to get a real job”.
Subscribing to the website will be the main way to get informed of this – available at the bottom of the page.

Event planning
This will start first – with an introduction video. Hopefully within the week.
This will be a combination of some occasional videos (including the series of my 6 steps), but mostly email list/newletter phisophical discussions. It will help people think about the strategic concepts that are needed to build a fundraiser. Especially if a person wants the event/funraiser to be more than just a one time thing.
It will be a collection of the lessons I have learned when fundraising, and event planning.
I will include thought provoking points to consider, and things that make you understand how some of the big fundraisers do it.

The reality is that it will eventually have its own website, but for now I will operate it as an email list, with its own page on the Cancer Sucks website.

Personal and Professional development

A smart person has learned from their own mistakes, a wise person learns from the mistakes of others.

– random dead guy quote, paraphrased by Rob.

I have had almost a 30 year military career to this point. I have learned many leadership lessons and philosphical points that need to be shared.
I have to openly admit – there are more things that I have learned in the last 5 years, than the preceding 25. Starting to look at myself and start to figure out how to grow up and get a real job has been the main learning process. I helped me see things from a competely differently, and realize the value of things I used to think were not as important.

This piece will also be started as a mailchimp newsletter, with a page on the Cancer sucks site. Eventually, I will develop its own website. I

Random thoughts
This will be a place where I put my often distracted musings and reflections. In the past, I have had a number of different blog posts that have been “other” category and not at all relevant to my cancer journey.  I really enjoyed making those posts, but I have people that subscribe for my cancer awareness stories, and don’t want to put too many off topic posts together.  It will also give me a chance to provide observations on the world as I see it now. 
I will start a newletter/email list for it in 2020, and see what people think. In my next generation website, it might have its own page.

There will be occasional crossovers – my random thoughts will be based on my new perspective and philosophy as the results of my cancer journey.  My personal development might be a concept that will help leadership of event planning.

I will start this off new first with a fundraising/event planning newsletter that has my explanation of my 6 main factors, and talks more about the video that you get the sneak preview(above). In addition to outright planning tips, that stream of conciousness will cover off a number of things that an event planner needs to consider.

Anyway, this is about long enough – I hope you continue to follow along as I try to find my way in my post treatment world. I have more ideas, but they are still in the scratch pad notebook doodle phase, and not ready for prime time.
Please consider subscribing to my various newsletters and if you see something of value as you go – please share with someone who would might benefit.

Here I go in my new directions.