Deja Vu?

The current state of affairs in our province is a little bit reminiscent for me.
This is not the first time we have gone through a lifestyle like this.
It is part of the cancer journey.

At the beginning of my cancer experience, we moved from Yellowknife to Edmonton.  A big city where we knew maybe…. 3 people……
It was a city that we arrived and started unpacking about 6 weeks after surgery #2, and 1 week before the 6 weeks of BCG “induction” treatments.

My wife had given up here job for us to move to Edmonton, and was on EI.  So we were both home, not going out much, and very unsure of our future

How is that for déjà vu all over again?

We are back now where we were then – online connectivity with our world.  Then it was more about trying to communicate with people across the country, now we are using our electronics to communicate down the street, across town, and still across the country.

We grocery shopped infrequently. Mostly done by my wife.
I stayed home quietly.

I just find it odd now – it is still a health concern where staying home is the best thing to do.
But – everyone is doing it. That makes it interesting.

Anyway, just wanted to put these thoughts out there.
I will try to do more of this – shorter, thought provoking posts.
It might turn more into an email distribution – I haven’t decided yet

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