The last few months

everyone can honestly say:
This year hasn't gone as expected.

May 2020

Bladder Cancer awareness month in many countries. Ours included.
I am quite tardy getting out my usual zany videos, promotions, or general commentary. But I did do one video, its kinda lame though.

Life happens. My plan now is to do much more awareness stuff in September. The main reason is that the BCC walk has already changed formats, and will be held as a virtual walk for the entire month this year.

A virtual walk will obviously take a different approach, I am completely undecided how I will participate in it.
Not sure if I will try to encourage zany antics for a price.
Not sure if I will put up a distance goal to walk, or different locations.
Just not sure yet.
Either way - I just registered and started my walk page for donations. It will get you a tax reciept if you donate.
If you want to form a team with me, let me know and I will set it up, I just don't know what anything will look like this year.

BUT - Here is one of my fundraising plans.

A Canadian Veteran owned coffee company is offering a commission on sales. Anything I make via sending them business to their website, will be donated to the walk.
You get to order coffee from a Canadian Veteran owned company and support Bladder Cancer at the same time.
Its super easy
Click here to go to their website with this link for me to get the benefit by ordering yourself some coffee and/or merch.

Yes, its that easy - you get coffee, they give me a portion of it, and I will donate it, for the rest of the year - so refills count. Need christmas gifts - they have shirts, hats, mugs, and coffee brewing gadgets.
For them its affiliate marketing, for me its money for the cause.

In other news

I have made some dramatic choices about the future of this blog for a couple reasons.

Firstly - this website got hacked.
Reality - not a big deal - I have no important information on here. But, it has now become too annoying for me to want to deal with. I can pay to have it fixed, but I am already spending over 300 bucks a year on this website, that I put out 20 blog posts a year. I just can't justify spending another 300 bucks a year to deal with it(yes, that is how much godaddy wanted)

Most importantly - I had a big realization
During this COVID pandemic, I have been writing nearly daily blogs to the members of my unit. At the end of May 2020, it will be 60 specific posts in 2 and a half months. This blog has seen 107 posts in just over 5 years.
It made me learn some things.

The reality is, I started this blog in blogspot (google blogger), and as I started taking online website courses, I built this website to help follow the lesson plans, making mistakes and learning along the way.

Where to go from here?

I am going to move all my posts back over to blogspot, where I originally started this blog. My plans are to continue posting the posts there. I will spend the time and copy/paste before I shut this website down, to try and preserve all the content, and blogspot being google - so it should be there forever.
People will still get emails when I post a blog if you are a subscriber. My plan is to connect my current subscriber base, and link the blogspot posts using Mailchimp. I hope to move more items to "subscriber content" and email lists. The faithful few are the consistent crowd that pays attention, and that is who I feel I am writing this for.

I will still use the Cancer Sucks FB page. I want to use it more. I need to be more diligent sharing the stories of the other blogs I follow such as David is stilll alive, and Nancys point.

Long term strategic

I don't have a master plan yet. But, I have 2 years to figure one out.
My current thoughts include a new website, and what I am going to be doing. I just need a couple years offline to set myself up.
With the website getting hacked, and the new realizations about blogging to my unit as a result of my COVID response, I am going to make the necessary changes to start over.

This is just the next step in the journey.

Thanks for following along this far.
To ensure that you keep getting all the updates, subscribe to the website, or drop me a line with your email address.

I am not 100% sure where things will go, but the journey will continue. Fairly soon - this photo taken just the other day.

Rob with wife and sold real estate sign
The journey continues


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