Same book, new chapter

So, the journey continues.....
I have closed the page on one amazing chapter, and move on to another.

The chapter that has closed, is my last position within the Canadian Armed Forces.  I am still a member for now, but I have been replaced in my role, as I start working on the final stages of retirement prep.

COVID has dramatically changed how the Canadian Forces does things, but has opened up possibilities that weren't considered relevant before.
Here is the prime example - a Change of Command ceremony.

This year, the events were not parades, they were ceremonies with very limited attendance, big tables and lots of spacing.
Normally, even ceremonies would have all the unit members attending.... but not so, they got to watch on social media via zoom, Facebook Live, or other collaborative software such as MS365, webex etc. 

We recorded this one, and I put it as an unlisted video on my YouTube channel. 

That is the interesting part - everyone is branching out and coming back with the best lessons of all the different systems.

So, the big question is - now what?
As the military loves acronyms, I present you with "VRPSM".
Vocational Rehabilitation Program, Serving Member.

What this means is that I will have an opportunity to work for companies, in fields that I am considering building my future upon.... Makes sense doesn't it?  For up to 6 months.
I will explain more about the medical release programs in a video/blog post series next summer, when the full program has run its course - this has been over 6 years since I started this journey - it would be a really slow series if I did 1 thing a year.

COVID has presented some challenges for my transition planning.
Many companies don't seem to want to bring the "unpaid intern" into their spaces for on-job-education.  This isn't supposed to be a job hunt, so with many companies having scaled back or have people working from home, the options become very limited, very quickly.
I understand that - the whole social distancing thing ie: no sense having a looky-loo in the spaces if they aren't providing value/generating revenue.

The dream gig would be marketing and social media intern for the local NLL Team - Halifax Thunderbirds, but like all major sports associations - there is substantial unknowns facing them and their future is jello that hasn't been put in the fridge yet.

So, what do I do then?
Well, signing up for some local community college courses has become quite a challenge.
It turns out that they have reduced their continuing education offerings, and are streamlining to courses that are part of multi-year programs.... so I won't know if there is space to jump on any individual courses until 1 week before course start date.

So, I wait to see.

Other news - 
September is fast approaching, and with it is the annual Bladder Cancer awareness walk.
This year, the fundraiser will be a "Virtual walk" vs the group event at Point Pleasant Park in Halifax.

Here is my Fundraising Link
You can donate there for a tax receipt that gets emailed to you.

How will I do things different.  I have a couple revenue streams:

I plan on walking most days of Sept, and I have a 3 km loop from my house that I will track how many times I walk it, and let people know.  I will start by donating 5 bucks per lap out of my own pocket.  Anybody want to pledge to match that?

Also, I have an affiliate sales link.
Arrowhead Coffee has provided me a link and will send me 5% of sales made by people using that  link.  So, if you want some coffee and swag, that supports a Canadian Veteran Coffee company - use this link and buy something.
I will match their 5% myself (up to $500) as well... I have one other person willing to match... anyone else want to to that?  so - if you buy coffee, more than 10% of your purchase prices gets donated.

and of course, please feel free to just donate - thanks.  Even if you find the walk in a city near you - that is cool too - check out  and click on locations to support a location near you.

Other things,
I had another scope recently (cystoscopy - give a google if you are bored).  It was 3 months overdue as a result of COVID.  Everything is fine and the Doc is happy.  Our biggest discussion point was COVID impacts to the future schedule.  Short version - he says not to worry if it goes a year before he sees me again.

I will also put this info out on my YouTube channel.
I have big plans, and will be outlining the strategy on YouTube for future reference.

Thanks for reading along this far.
It is getting very real for me right now to change my world after 30+ years in the military.