Awareness 2020

I have mentioned that new things were coming.... and new things are happening.

I don't want to tell you all about them yet, so I will put a 2020 Awareness results post.


It is October, and the Bladder Cancer Awareness walk has been completed.
Big shout out to my supporters that helped me double my goal.
Link to donate page
You can still donate to get a tax receipt if you want.  Link is active to donate until 31 October 2020.

Fundraising has taken a hard hit due to COVID this year, of that there can be no doubt.  Bladder Cancer Canada is only at 70% of its $600k goal.  My "local walk" is only at 59% of its goal, and I exceeded mine.

There are videos I have shared to talk about some of the challenges faced by BCC.  Here is one of the videos .. there are others on one of my YouTube channels.

Did you hear?

Or should I ask - did you see?
I was on
the local Global TV station to talk about Bladder Cancer Awareness.  That is something I have done before, but this time - it was different.  
I didn't need to be at the station before the sun, and could do it from the comfort of my own home.... if you haven't seen it already - here is a link to the Global TV video.

Back to my results....

I had 3 main revenue streams (so to speak).
I asked for pledges for me to walk every day - I did, 30 days... worked out to the largest sum.
I asked for donations - many of you did - thank you.

Then I had my coffee idea - it flopped overall.  There are reasons - their coffee is premium priced.  The flat rate shipping adds up to a high price per 3/4 pound.  They don't have K-cups.  The website/affiliate program is very thin.  So, it didn't amount to much.  

Next year, if COVID remains, I think people will be more ready for walk fundraising.  There have been a number of ideas that have come forward that charities are using to do different fundraising techniques.  I hope to talk more about them in a different format - I find it intriguing.

just wanted to give an update of how the awareness month went.