Time to change up social media

Some of you will have noticed some changes in my social media as you may have gotten an Instagram follow request etc - mostly some new accounts and now following people with 2 accounts.

There is a method to my madness, and a master plan.

I have been looking at what I have online, where it is, and what I think that means.  As many are aware, I really put my world online with the start of this blog.

I found that it muddled up my personal social media, and at the beginning was more confusing that anything else as I was inconsistently cross posting.  Part of that was my poor naming conventions, and not having decided on a lane.  As I mentioned earlier, I am taking steps to clean/streamline things.

Cancer Sucks Chronicles - Facebook (this blogs FB page)

These channels will be related a bit to Cancer related content(especially the FB page), and growing up to learn how to properly market things.  It will chronicle my ideas, and my thoughts. It will also include general updates and random things.  I want to make these outlets motivational, educational, and inspirational.

In my social media world there is also my personal Facebook and an Instagram account.  Those are at a higher level of security, and will be restricted from most public visibility.   That way I can ensure that my personal life is "less public". 

I will keep the Cancer content going all over the interwebs, even though it is slowing down.   Mostly because not much is happening.  Due to covid, it is expected that my 6 month cysto will stretch to 9-12 months again. I will keep pushing this blog out and it will start to shift to more discussions about my life after cancer, and the decision making thoughts behind it all.

My Alter Ego - Dead Nought, is going to become a personality.  
The content there has no real aim, and its a complete mix of everything.  Some of the things that I am learning, will be test fired there. I talk a little bit about it in this video.

Here are the Dead Nought socials.


I will be going through and "unfollowing" some accounts from some Dead Nought channels (mostly Instagram) where relevance between personal and public is more obvious.

The speed at which I am implementing these efforts is much slower than expected.  I overcommitted myself during the voc rehab period, and time has not been my friend.  Everything is taking longer than expected, but this change will happen over a time period measured in years.

So we shall see how it goes.

Thanks for reading this far, please follow/like/subscribe etc that interest you most.  I hope to keep each platform different from the others, and not just cross post everything on all of them..... I am interested in trying not to dilute this blog space with non-cancer content - so I am thinking of starting another blog to address all the ideas - just not sure what to call it.  

Getting to an analysis-paralysis situation.... not sure exactly what I want to do, so I accomplish very little.