VRPSM - an acronym.

Vocational Rehabilitation Program - Serving Member
Its a transitional program for Canadian military members that are being released medically from service.

Part 1 - of potentially 3 posts about VRPSM. (my 2 locations, then a summary of everything)

In the final months of my time in uniform, I am taking advantage of a program that is available to me, that allows me to be an "unpaid intern" so to speak, with civilian organizations/companies.  These opportunities are free to the chosen organization/company and are designed for members to gain insight into the civilian job market.  Possibly gain some education, and find the value in their military training.

Official program government website details HERE.  If you really want to know more about it.

Due to COVID, and the CAF posting system, my VRPSM plans kept changing dramatically.  In the end, I was able to find a couple opportunities that A - could use my help, B - would be a fun, and educational use of my time, and C - met the criteria of the program.

This post is about my part time gig at Ol' Biddy's Brewhouse.

My previous brewing expertise was limited to a couple things - brewing kits in the barracks in the 90s, and being a person that really enjoys good beer (I would like to be a beer snob, just don't know enough about how to be one).  I really enjoy beer with local flavours and designs, plus its supporting local companies.  

This experience continues to be great.
Other than time off for Cancer, my career since I returned from Afghanistan has been senior officer staff duties.  My time doing the hands on flying duties started to dwindle in 2006, and stopped in 2012.

Working with my hands more is fun.
Getting to work in a brewery allowed me to try and take military skills and thought processes, and apply them in a new context.  I am sure my many questions make be sound like a toddler - "why.......?".

I made a video about the canning process, we processed thousands of cans, many of which are now on a liquor store shelf in Nova Scotia.

I will try other avenues to films different segments of the brewing process/equipment, this is the first one that has worked out.

More to come.

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