It has been awhile - hasn't it?

I has been a long minute since I have done my updates.

Many things have been happening, and blogs and videos fell off the bottom of the priority list - it happens.

Life update - still retired, now going to school full time at my local Community College  doing a year long Digital Marketing program.  I have education ideas beyond this program that might actually result in me working again in the future, but I think that this is a good start.

Less than 2 months in, the program seems to be what I want from it.  I spend 2 to 6 hours a school day on the computer in a Microsoft Teams, and many hours a day on the computer on my own with homework.  The interesting thing, is that much of the homework is on social media platforms - so I have to spend most of my day on Facebook, YouTube, Mailchimp or other online space.

Oncology update - Doctor is happy, that is all that mattered.  His office called me the day before my appointment, and when I saw the caller ID I was a little worried - due to covid, my scopes got pushed to 1 year apart earlier than I was led to believe.

Here is the video update for those that don't wanna...... read.

I have many ideas and thoughts about my blog, the Facebook page, my YouTube channels - I just didn't know how to sync it all together.  They don't work harmoniously together, and that was my desire.  I am not sure which elements I will  make go away, but I need to be serious about it.  The schooling is helping me, and giving me lessons that I can learn which will serve me better in the long run.

Other news - 
I may have talked occasionally over the years about a friend from Edmonton - Richard.  He is a Cold War Veteran, rider, and all around good guy.  In his 70s now, he is making the statement of being an old dog learning new tricks.  So, he recently started a podcast.
I want to support his endeavors to be always learning - so, give his content a follow Podcast and Blog.

In all reality, as I have mentioned - I don't know the destination of this path that I am on, nor when the next turns are coming, but I hope that you will continue to join me on the journey - lets find out together.

My alter ego is Dead Nought across most social platforms.  I think I am most active on the IG and FB.

Thanks for reading this far.