2021 can just F^ck right off!!

 As we travel through the final month of 2021, I can mostly say - good fucking riddance.

It is the first blog I have written from this location/province.  I am dislocated from my normal location for reasons of family emergency, and they became compounded.  I missed my granddaughters first birthday, I wasn't home for my own birthday, and I won't be with my wife/kids/grandkids for Christmas - just like I was in the military, and never home for events that matter.

In 2021, I lost family friends, military friends, and others -  many losses due to Cancer, a few to suicide, and recently my last remaining grandparent, while across the country dealing with my dads heart attack, days before the British Columbia "atmospheric river", which made people look at how to build an ark.  Way too many of these happened in November. Such is 2021.

We put too much stock in the "my life sucks", and look for people to be sorry for us.  Many people have the attitude of "...it makes us stronger".  

I am in neither of those camps.

Yes, life sucks - it sucks for everyone.  It all comes down to how we handle it, and I feel I need to handle it better.
We don't always control what happens to us. But we always control how we interpret what happens to us, as well as how we respond.
- Mark Manson, The Subtle Art of not giving a Fuck
In the recent months (most of 2021), with everything that has been going on, many friends ask me how I am doing - overall, I am doing good.  

I am learning to adjust my reactions to be more relevant to the circumstances, but considerate of the time and place, and realistic to my needs at the time.  I have been told that some people consider me cold for doing so, less empathetic.  But, the reality is - people need to not bury themselves in all the challenges.  Life happens - lets be realistic - you can't control it all.

I have more thoughts, and I am spending more time typing them up.
I realize that the delay in posting many things, is me - platinum level procrastinator - and blogging isn't high on the priority list.

In the new year, I think I will spend some time to re-adjust my priorities and focus.  As I always say - I am not sure where I am going, so I hope everyone will follow along with me.

I don't have this blog set up for automatic email of posts - but it is coming soon.

I leave you with a song from a Canadian actor/singer - Nick Cordero.
Live your life.

- Rob