About Rob

Hey everyone,

This blog started its life as something to occupy my mind.  It then evolved into its own website while I took Wordpress web design courses.

I needed to occupy my mind after a Cancer diagnosis in 2014.  I found that Bladder Cancer was completely unknown to many people, yet it was in the top 5 of Cancers for men.  It is also in the top 5 for mortality.

I migrated from the website back to Blogger in 2020 as the effort to keep the website going just wasn't worth it.  It served its purpose.  So, I am slowly going back to update the posts that have broken links or lost images as time passes on - it will take a long time.

I have used the platform to talk about non-Cancer related topics, but I want to stop that.  So I made a second blog that will host the content that is more lifestyle and "other topics".  Just like my various other social media offerings, I have tried to separate various components.  It can be found - Here 

Examples include:
Motorcycle and randomized content hosted by Dead Nought on
Twitter, and

Cancer and personal inspirational, motivational, and educational content on 

My personal Instagram, and personal Facebook are just that - personal.

I have started a second Blogspot channel - for all the non-Cancer related, and more lifestyle, inspirational, motivational, and educational content that I want to produce.  I have learned so much in my Cancer journey, that I need a place to share it, and I didn't want to put too much non-Cancer content in the Cancer pages.

It can be found here - Memento Mori

Thanks for following along on my journey.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

I am looking into other things to distribute content - so keep an eye out for that.  Or I might just go back to a normal website - it would be simpler I think... but I don't know.


Updated 27 January 2021.