September update

Sorry that it has been awhile, fairly busy summer overall.

To add some details and examples to the video about the lack of support for Bladder Cancer.  I can't even get Alberta Cancer Foundation, or the Alberta Cancer society, to retweet information about Bladder Cancer awareness, and the fundraising walk on social media.

The only explanation people can think of is that the awareness walk doesn't give funds to either of these entities - well doesn't that put us in a catch 22 situation, because we don't have enough visibility to raise any funds... part of the problem with Bladder Cancer being at the bottom of the list.  So, if anyone has someone collecting funds for Alberta Cancer Foundation, or Cancer Society Alberta/Northwest Territories - ask them which Cancer groups they support - as it isn't all of them... which is kinda frustrating for a Cancer patient, to realize that his cancer doesn't get the visibity that other cancers do.  Doesn't seem fair.

But, for everyone elses part - Bladder Cancer awareness walk, coming soon to a community near you... check out the list of locations - Bladder Cancer Canada walk website

If you don't know who to donate to - here are some recommendations in Edmonton, or anyone in Halifax,

Thanks for your time.
Future posts will talk about my adventures on Cruise with a Cause as the lead planning minion, and other charity events I have attended.  I also want to talk about podcasts, and the challenges of building an audience for a blog such as this.