ahhh, memories

So, now approaching late April, and it has been snowing for a couple of days now.  Gives me too much time to reflect and think.
I haven’t been able to ride much this year, which has caused me to spend more time sitting at home than I really want.  Although getting sick a little bit does take me much longer to recover than ever before – which really isn’t fun.  Having to take 2 weeks to feel better after getting knocked on my ass by a sniffle – gets really, really, old, …… fast.

The other thing to think about while I try to sit quietly is when I look at a calendar…. and realize… 3 years ago today, I was lying in a hospital bed after the first surgery that would be the trigger point for this journey.  It was my only “short notice surprise” surgery, as I have had notice in advance of the other 4 surgeries.

This was the first open realization that the lump that had been found about 2 weeks previous, was probably not a good thing.
Lets call that a big understatement.  Although not the biggest understatement that I had in 2014.

During the time between surprise surgery (to me it was a surprise – Doctor said I was in for “emergency” surgery) and my follow up with my Doctor in May, I learned about spending much quality time with a catheter, the ability to make strong men squeamish, and yet, I didn’t think too much about the impact it would have on my life.  I tried to go back to ordinary life, just alot more google research into what causes large lumps in your bladder (turns out it wasn’t a normal thing).

Looking back now
I had no idea that the future would unfold in the way it has.  That is why hindsight is 20/20.  That makes planning for the future tougher.
I knew I was replacing my bike, didn’t even know I would end up with a Victory – that decision was made a few weeks later.  Now I feel like a kid, just wanting the weather to change so I can ride my bike.

Next month will be 3 years since I heard the words “You have Cancer”, and my Doctor became my Oncologist.  So check back mid month for a post about things I expected, and then what really happened.

Thanks for following along on this journey – not sure where it will take me, but I am happy that you are coming along for the ride with me.  Please share, comment, or ask any questions you may have.