Rest In Peace - Donna Tait

Donna Tait

We lost Donna to her cancer on March 25th, 2021.
We lost her husband Barry in the fall of 2015.  I wrote about him HERE
Doing some math in the last week, I realized that I have known Donna for 80% of my life.  40 years since I met them.  To lose both her and Barry to cancer is heartbreaking.  Given the stats, you would think that only 1 person of a couple would end up with cancer, but both, odd should be staggering - but they actually aren't.

Donna was a huge motivator for me when I received my Cancer diagnosis in 2014.  She told me more stories about Barry's cancer, and it helped me address my cancer.  To not treat it like a big dark scary secret.  She was a supporter of my page, my blog, and happily said "Fuck Cancer" every chance she could.

Donna was always a character, and like Barry, loved to tell stories.  Even a few years ago, she brought up over drinks at the Oasis in Cache Creek, things I did in grade 5.  There were even stories about us kids rolling in tires down the hills across the fields (farm kids amuse themselves in odd ways).  The story was always funnier coming from Donna vs the version from the kids who were in the tire.

Most notable comedy (for me) was the occasional confusion when some people thought she was my mom.  As sometimes she told people that, when her and Barry offered to stand in for photos etc.  Always good for a laugh.

My first notable loss of a friend was her youngest son, who passed when we were teenagers.  He was barely a year older than I.   

Realizing as I type this, that her passing brings out the point that a generation of their family is now gone.  All that remains is the memories.  She will be missed.