Starting another blog?

I have much to say.
I have tried to say some of it here, but sometimes I don't think this is the place for it.

I have gone on a few different tangents before on posts, that aren't cancer, or life journey with cancer, related.  I have other things I want to write about, but don't want to put them here.

So, I need your help a bit, coming up with a new blog.  Mostly, what the name should be.

Some of you may remember some of my rant(ish) posts - 
Customer service runaround - My online purchase through Home Depot and UPS
Follow through - Air Canada not giving us the exit row we paid for, and losing our luggage (same trip)

My Trilogy (that almost became 4 articles) about how society sucks.
Our Group in society  - How society has lost its way in being a community
Society as a network - Society sucks with no accountability anymore
Hard to find good people - Rambling about how the online social networks have destroyed social interaction.
I still have a 4th article for this (titled Violence) that I never actually posted, and recent events have made me revisit/rewrite it.  But back to the point of this post, "Cancer Sucks" won't be the place for it.

This is why I want to branch out, I have more to say, that isn't cancer related and want to keep blogging, and I enjoy articulating my thoughts in a more coherent ramble.

So, what should I call this collection of thoughts, inspirations, contemplations, maybe the occasional rant, and hopefully writings people enjoy?

Some of my not so great idea:
Robs Ramblings
Tales from the Tall Side

Looking for some crowdsourcing here - what is a name you might follow?
What topics would you like me to cover?

Other news:
I have now become a member of the Bladder Cancer Canada (BCC) National Communications team, and also an Admin on the local BCC FB page.  I will be participating in a number of ways, not the least of which is:
Blog posts writer for BCC website, and maybe newsletter (details here)
Localized Nova Scotia Content
Lemon suit will be coming soon (when I go pick it up)

So, big things in the new year, should be fun and entertaining.  I am finally getting some momentum in the new direction of things.  Even if it is rolling slower than I expected(Much slower)

Posts coming soon to this blog are about my cancer adjusted life, and include:
What is VRPSM?
Closing doors.
Next step - education?

The new blog will have the posts listed above ported over, and some new posts, with topics such as:
Remember that you will die.
Success fades
Rage Algorithm

Some of them will have videos correlated, just like this one does.  Its a new idea I have - see if it works.

Thanks for reading along this far.  Hope everyone enjoys the Holiday season 2020... we know its been a doozy of a year.
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Here is a short video that talks about mostly the same things, with my quarterly update.